Looking to the Future

In order to support college students in the future, the ACE Fund (Advancing Conservation Education) has been established.

·       The Advancing Conservation Education (ACE) fund is administered by the Friends of LLELA and the Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT). The purpose of the fund is to encourage research projects on the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA).
·       ACE funding will be available for undergraduate and graduate research in the fields of ecology, ecological restoration, conservation biology, wildlife biology, natural history and/or to support conservation efforts and environmental education that takes place on, or in part on LLELA. All such research must be in accordance with the mission and vision of LLELA.
·       If you wish to contribute to the ACE Fund, use the Donate link, fill out your information and click on “This is a corporate/organization donation.” Write ACE in the “Corporate/organization name.” This insures that the money will be deposited in the ACE account. You can also make “This donation in honour or in memory of someone.”