Weekly Projects

Come and help to fight the battle to keep the physical part of LLELA under control. There is a special activity for everyday of the week. The Workdays are pretty much always 9 am to noon.

To get involved, contact Restoration Manager Richard Freiheit at Richard.Freiheit@unt.edu

Monday Mayhem

Heavier physical work, just about anywhere on the property. brush clearing, trail building and repair, occasional odd jobs like repairing equipment or building things, removing junk from the property

Tuesday Trail Crew

Regular walking of the trails, picking up trash, trimming overhanging branches or encroaching vegetation along the trails, occasional herbicide use, coordinate with the COL maintenance personnel for larger problems like fallen trees, wash outs, etc.

Wednesday Work Crew

Work around the nursery with native plants, starting seeds or root stock, general maintenance of the area, transplanting/weeding potted seedlings, harvesting and sorting seeds, rescuing plants on and off site, planting in restoration areas.

Thrashing Thursdays

Invasive plant removal, mostly Chinese privet, but we do go after other things, European cabbage, Brazilian vervain, Johnson grass. Often requires more physical effort or use of herbicides

Friday Free For all

Could be anything, show up and the Restoration Manager will put you to work.