Who We Are?

What does
Friends of LLELA do?

Assists in the operation of:

  • 15,000 square foot native plant nursery.
  • A Visitor Center.
  • Maintenance of eight miles of trails.
  • Maintenance and programming at the Miner-Porter 1860’s log house complex.

Purchases Supplies for:

  • Short-term research projects as well as long-term scientific activities on site.
  • Onsite educational and recreational activities.


  • An annual seminar that highlights the use of native plants in landscaping.
  • A bi-monthly lecture series with local experts, researchers, and enthusiasts on various environmental topics.
  • Special events like the BBQ and Bluegrass Dinner and Trail Runs.


  • Wildlife projects like the bobwhite quail reintroduction program and the box turtle program.
  • The only migratory bird banding station available to college students in North Texas.
  • The operation of one of the few inland MOTUS tracking towers used to detect radio transmitters attached to both resident and migratory birds.
  • Painted Bunting nesting research and Bluebird nest box monitoring.

Mission and vision

  • To preserve and restore native Texas ecosystems and biodiversity while providing opportunities for environmental education, research, and recreation.
  • To heal the land and restore the bond between people and nature, ensuring the preservation of our natural heritage for the future.
  • The Friends of LLELA assists LLELA’s partner organizations in fulfilling our mission and making our vision a reality.

Team Members

President Friends of LLELA
Outdoor Recreation Supervisor
Director of LLELA

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